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July 15, 2021

We now carry Noblewood at Front Range Timber

Reclaim. Repurpose. Do Good. ™

Naturally beautiful woods.  Sustainably sourced. Handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Noblewood is committed to providing beautiful, high-quality interior products that are produced with care for people and the environment. Their wood panels are handmade by skilled artisans from wood that has been rescued and repurposed, bringing a natural beauty to your home or workspace. Perfect as an eye-catching accent wall, our wood panels are sustainably sourced and designed for convenient installation.

Noblewood teak panels come in three styles: Classic Teak, FSC-certified Reclaimed Teak, and Rootwood Teak.

Classic Teak

Our stunning Classic Teak wall panels are handcrafted from wood scraps discarded by furniture producers. So, this wood is literally saved from destruction and reimagined into a work of art fit for the most exquisite interior space.

Branchwood Teak

Noblewood’s unique Branchwood wall panels give new purpose to the once disregarded branches of harvested teak trees. While most teak branches are thrown away when the trees are harvested, Noblewood has repurposed this wood to add stunning value to any accent wall.

Reclaimed Teak

Rescued from old homes and buildings over 100 years old, our beautiful Reclaimed Teak is naturally weathered by time and the elements. It offers a highly desirable, distressed patina. And our Reclaimed Teak is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to be made from 100% recycled wood. It is both visually stunning and certified good for the environment. Available in 3 colors: Natural, Gray Washed and Chocolate.

Rootwood Teak

The roots of teak trees rarely see the light of day, even after the tree is harvested. That’s because they are most often left in the ground to rot. However, Noblewood’s Rootwood Teak redeems this underappreciated part of the tree and repurposes it as one of the most amazing wall panels we’ve ever seen. To say that teak root wood makes a beautiful accent wall is an understatement! Available in 3 colors: Natural – Left unstained to showcase teak’s natural beauty, Accented Natural – Stained with a dark color that is wiped away, adding depth and texture and Gray Washed.

Visit our showroom to see this groundbreaking product for yourself or give us a call to learn more about Noblewood!

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