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I made a bed!

I made a bed! That may not be remarkable for some of you. My husband and I own Front Range Timber and I like to think I can be quite helpful when someone is picking out material. But assembling an actual piece of furniture is not something I have ever accomplished. The last time I cut wood was 7th grade and one of my parents still have a towel rack/shelf in their basement somewhere. But I could not bring myself to purchase a bed when I had access to all of this beautiful, reclaimed material. How hard could it be? I am not a Master Craftsman, there are no perfect angles and I would probably not use all 7/4 wood next time due to the freaking weight of this monster. But I am quite proud of myself. Even my husband was impressed with my ability to sheer off about a dozen screws. “I don’t think I have ever seen that happen before!” I am a natural clearly. BUT I did learn that not everything has to be perfect, especially when using reclaimed materials. I will definitely make more furniture. I have my bruises and blisters, and I always have splinters (we do own a reclaimed wood business after all), but I also am incredibly proud that my two little girls saw their Mama make a bed (almost) all by herself.

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